Johnny Cash @ Sun Records

This is possibly the most comprehensive discography of Johnny Cash's Sun Sessions ever compiled. If you see errors or omissions, please contact me at the link below. This site could not have been compiled without the work of those that attempted to compile similar data in the past...

Need a Johnny Cash @ Sun Collection?

The digital only release entitled Johnny Cash at Sun is a superb collection, released by Sony in 2014, that includes 88 tracks.  It's my top recommendation for anyone searching for a one-stop-shop when it comes to collecting Johnny's Sun material. It doesn't have every version of every track, but includes at least one recording of each Sun track along with numerous undubbed, alternate, and outtake recordings from these sessions.  Fantastic!

Need a physical product?  Stick with Time Life's The Complete Sun Sessions 1955-1958.  The mastering is as good as the Sony set only with a few less tracks (61 total).  If you need just one good sounding version of each Sun track -- this set is for you!  The 2017 'Original Sun Albums' set from Charly is also an excellent option.

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